The Mountain Lion

Cougar Image courtesy of Christy Hader at
Cougar Image courtesy of Christy Hader at

Back up to the mountain job for Chuck and Charlie.  They went up on Wednesday, Feb 7, spent the night at a hotel and came back down on Thursday.  They took a helper with them this time.

In the years that the project sat idle, the animals had free rein.  The first week up there, the guys had walked in on a bear sunning itself in the great room.  But, the worst offender was a mountain lion that had taken up residence.  And it did not want to relocate.  There were 3 episodes of Charlie walking in on the lion, and each time both of them became more agitated by the encounters.  The last time was that Thursday.   Chuck had dropped Charlie and his helper off at the job and gone for more materials.  Charlie and his helper had taken a lunch break in the great room,  eating pizza that they had brought in.  After finishing, they walked up to the staging area to get the door that they were going to install.  As they were getting the door ready, one of them looked back at the house and saw the mountain lion slip into the house.  They both dropped everything and ran, hoping that they would run quickly into Chuck returning to the job.  Chuck did pick them up on the road, they called animal control, set up a meeting for the next  day and headed home.

When they got home, the story spilled out from all 3 of them at the same time.  Charlie was very upset and refused to go up there again.  He told me that there would come a day when the mountain lion would not back down and then he, Charlie would be the menu.  He was worried that the lion would encounter Chuck first, and because of his disabilities, would not be able to get away.  He was just worried about everything.  And the more he talked, the more agitated he became.

So, I assured him that I would go up with his dad the next day and that I understood completely.  He was in the right for feeling the way that he did.  I did understand.  So did Chuck.