Charlie's 21st birthday dinner with family

Charlie’s mom Linda here, One thing that I know about Charlie, was that no matter what was happening in his life, he loved his family and friends deeply and completely.  We – Katie, Chuck and I will be sharing our memories and thoughts for quite some time.  We would like to invite you – all of his family and friends to participate.  Whenever you have a memory, just pop over to this site and send it to me via the contact form.  Doesn’t have to be a profound novel or short story – matter of fact, those little, seemingly insignificant memories that grab you as you drive down a familiar street will work just fine.  These memories serve to remind us of him, and hopefully make his absence more bearable.

Charles Everette Hughes, 111, aka Charlie, May 2013

If your memory includes a music or video clip, try to submit it, but, you may run into a file size restriction.  If so, send me a note and we can use my dropbox account to get it shared.  Then I will add it to the site from the backend.